Carpet cleaners: What to look out for. – My MINI DOB

Carpet cleaners: What to look out for. – My MINI DOB

Carpets are an integral part of our home. It’s incredible how much the image of any room changes, when we lay a beautiful carpet in bright colors or a flocatta. The coziness and warmth it gives to the space is what makes us love it so much, take care of it and invest so much money to buy it. So, precisely because we love our carpets, we want to give them the best, so that they last as long as possible like new. Thus, each rug will acquire its own special value and be passed down from generation to generation as a priceless family heirloom.

Caring for a carpet naturally includes cleaning it, since dust, mites and stains are its main enemies. However, there is much more that can be done to keep our carpet intact. That’s why we have to turn to the experts, the professional carpet cleaners , who with a set of actions can offer the best to our carpet, but also to all surfaces, where simple domestic cleaning is not enough.What services do carpet cleaners offer?Carpet cleaners may be thought of as carpet cleaners, but they offer many more services that guarantee total carpet care from start to finish. Starting with carpet cleaning , the whole process can go all the way to total carpet rejuvenation and preservation, so that next winter you have a carpet that looks brand new.

Wet carpet cleaningit removes mites, dust and machine stain residues from carpets and should be done at least once a year, especially if there are children and elderly people in the house. With plenty of water and professional cleaners, the deep cleaning of the carpet is achieved, so that no dust or stain remains. The important thing is to use detergents that respect the composition of the carpet and do not burden it with heavy chemicals. After soaking, the next necessary step is the complete removal of moisture. Spinning is done by centrifugation with machines that ensure the complete elimination of moisture, which if left on the carpet can seriously damage it. In addition to spin, where the carpet will be dried also plays a role. Intense sunlight must be avoided and this is what greatly differentiates carpet cleaners from amateur carpet washing at home. The carpets are dried in specially designed areas, away from the sun’s rays that fade and damage their colors, but also without any moisture, so that the drying process can be completed as quickly as possible.

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immediately after the end of the process, that is, within a few hours. In dry cleaning, powder detergent is spread over the carpet, which acts like a sponge and absorbs dust without the need for water. This powder is left on the carpet for a certain period of time, so that it takes effect, and then it is thoroughly brushed with a machine that results in a soft brush, which does not damage the fine composition of the delicate carpet. This brush traps dust and pests on the surface of the carpet and removes every last trace of them. End,Waterproofing carpets, which can be done after cleaning them at the carpet cleaner, solves a basic problem that we all face in the daily life of a household. There is a high risk of spilling onto the carpet any material that will cause a strong stain, such as blood, red wine, oil or tomato sauce. Such stains are then very difficult to completely eliminate and we must act within a few seconds, to increase the probability that a stain will not remain on our carpet forever. Fortunately, there are preventative measures we can take to prevent this from happening and prevent the stain from being absorbed by the carpet. The waterproofing of the carpets is done with a revolutionary material, which shields the carpet against moisture. The specialized carpet cleaners that have staff with know-how and experience in the natural damage that all carpets suffer can proceed with their repair. First, immediately after cleaning, a thorough quality control is carried out on the surface of the carpet. Any damage that has occurred is then repaired, such as burns, holes, tears and fringing damage. Thus, any damage is prevented at a very early stage, often to the point where it is not even visible to someone who does not know, as a result of which the carpet remains like new and the cost of repairing the damage is minimal.A problem that worries us all is where to put our clean carpets when we pack them up in the summer. They rarely fit in the closet, and the warehouse is too dusty and humid for such a thing. Unfortunately, most of the time the carpets end up in the loft or other parts of the house completely inappropriately and without any security. Carpet cleaners come to solve this problem at minimal cost. The custody of the carpetsit is done in areas away from moisture and dust, which are guarded by a security company. The rugs are stored in specially designed bags, which protect them but allow them to breathe at the same time, and are then placed on shelves according to their size, so that they do not get wrinkled and crowded. Because it is electronically marked, the rugs are ready for delivery at any time either by store pickup or home delivery.

Unfortunately, there are not a few who claim that professional cleaning of carpets and rugs is not necessary. They think that by washing their balcony carpet once a year with soap and water they will clean the carpet effectively

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